World Oldest Cities That Were Continuously Inhabited

World Oldest Cities

We live in a world with lots of history and thanks to the work of the archaeologists we are now able to find out many things about our planet earth and its mysteries.

World oldest cities that were continuously inhabited are: 


Damascus, Syria 1000 BC

Damascus today has a population of 2,5 million and it is believed that is the oldest city that is continuously inhabitant. Today Damascus is named the Arab Capital of Culture.

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Varanasi, India 5000 BC

This colourful city was said to be older than history by Mark Twain. Today it is very important for the Hindu religion and the Buddhists. Legend says it was found by the god Shiva 5000BC.

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Aleppo, Syria 13.000 years old

The place that now lies Aleppo was found to be old 8.000 years, but just 25 kilometres north there are evidences of a city old 13.000 years. With its position between the Mediterranean Sea and Mesopotamia it was know to be in the centre of the ancient world.

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Athens, Greece 1400 BC

The first recorded history dated from 1400BC and its beautiful remains are very popular among tourists. The history of Athens dates even before it was a home to the philosophy and the births of Socrates and Platon, it was an actual birthplace of the Western civilisation.

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Byblos, Lebanon 7.000 old

The English word Bible comes from the word Byblos, and that’s only one of the proofs that this was one of the oldest cities in the world.

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Kirkuk, Iraq 2200 BC

This old Assyrian capital city of Arrapha dates from the 2200BC still has its beautiful remains of the citadel 5000 years old.

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Jerusalem, Middle East 2800 BC

Jerusalem is well known as the worlds spiritual Jewish and Muslim centre and it is not a surprise that is on this list. The most religious sites and places are still attraction for many spiritualists.

“Jerusalem is a port city on the shore of eternity.” ― Yehuda Amichai

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Gaziantep, Turkey 3650 BC

Being close to Syria, it makes as one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history old that dates since 3650BC, its been unofficially called Antep.  There are ruins of the old town of Doliche lies in a few kilometres away.

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Fayum, Egypt 4000 BC

Fayum is a city in the Middle East, 100 kilometres away from Cairo. It is known to be the oldest city in Africa.

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Jericho, Palestinian Territories 9000 BC

The archaeologists managed to wind remains from many people living on this territory that are more than 11000 years old. This is the oldest city that was continuously habituated with people, and it spread next to Jordan River.

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