Tirta gangga Water Palace & The Best Morning view in the World

Travelling tip through Bali: Always double check the directions with the locals in case you haven’t brought your map with you, but remember not to trust the very old people (except they are great English speakers). Best way to do it if you are held on the traffic lights and ask the driver next to you. You have to understand that they all want to help you, cause its good for the karma, but bad for the business. So keep both eyes open all the time.

The first guy we spoke after we arrived in Tirta-gangga was Gusti (another one). He is one funny looking mid-age guy who claims he doesn’t drink before noon-time, even though he acts like one who does. Very entertaining guy who does trekking tours for tourists across the rice fields every morning and it costs 50.000 rupiah per person. Sounds nice, but I rather watch them from my sweet bungalow.

We weren’t rushing to get an accommodation even though we saw one near the Water Palace for a 150.000 a night for 2 persons with hot water included. While we continued driving up on the hill above Tirta-gangga we saw this small village with few resorts all with great view both the volcano and the rice fields. Although it’s a struggle to get there by motorbike, we couldn’t resist staying there. It’s how we discovered Ababi village.
Always, always bargain, especially if it’s a low season, and never ever book online. Our bungalow at Pendok Guest House originally costs up to 300.000 per night. We paid 750.000 rupiah for a whole week! And the breakfast included is not bad at all, you can expect a various dishes including bananas, like fried banana, banana pancake or banana toast.

tirta gangga water palace tirta gangga water palace tirta gangga water palace tirta gangga water palace tirta gangga water palace
We didn’t wanted to leave the magnificent view from our porch for too long so we went down to Tirtagangga just to grab few beers and snacks, went back up, lit the candles and enjoyed the time.

There are two amazing water palaces around the area that we visited. The Weather is slightly cooler than Ubud, so I suggest taking a jacket while driving after sunset. We stopped on the way back to have a coffee with Gusti, you can always find him at the parking spot in Tirtagangga, and after our complain about the fact that there is no other alcohol but beer in the shops, he took us to his birth village, one kilometer away, to give us some of their local alcoholic drink, Arak. It’s transparent spirit made of rice, smells horrible but does the work if drinking properly. Gusti advised us to drink it mixed with honey and lime, and it tastes great. After discovering that, we hide the rest of the night in our big bungalow.

Water Palace tirta gangga water palace tirta gangga water palace tirta gangga water palace tirta gangga water palace

Tirta gangga Water Palace

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