Most Romantic Winter Getaways in Europe

Winter in Europe can be very romantic, think about walking down the white snow covered streets and the cozy chairs by the fire of a nice little hotel. The many holidays during winter time are charming up the romantic cities of Europe, where decorations and lights are everywhere. Take a look at our favourite romantic winter getaway choices, they are bit more unique than the regular capitals of Europe.

St. Petersburg, Russia

We all have imagined how icy cold can be Russia during winter time, where all the streets, parks, rivers and buildings are covered in a white snow. The average temperature can get from -2 degrees celsius to -20, which makes you right about the freaking cold weather over there. But there is something about it that makes everything romantic. The sun flakes reflected in the frozen river, the historical buildings and museums all covered in snow gives even more meaning and feeling to it, the stunning hotels you can stay at and just absorbing all the greatness of the city and its history makes you forget about the cold weather. There are many things you can do here, the Russians deal with the cold weather like no other, and you will never feel bored or too cold here. Visit the opera, the ballet which is the greatest in the world, go ice skating or just enjoy the many restaurants that offer various types of cuisine. Best time to visit St. Petersburg is between December and mid January, when the weather is still not at its worst, and with the holiday peak time you will never have a boring day in your visit.

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Pontresina, Switzerland 

One of the bit underrated places in Switzerland, in this beautiful municipality in the Maloja the first hotel was built around the 19th century. Overshadowed by its popular neighbour St. Moritz, this pine forests place is perfect for the romantics, as it is quieter and not so filled with tourists. This fairy tale village is risen high on 1800 m, is great history reminder of an old custom and religion, as well as architecture. You can spot the decorated walls on the Engadine houses that dates since the 18th century. There are elegant hotels for your desire, that should satisfy every taste. You can enjoy the landscapes around in many ways, like the railway lines that take you up to more that 2000m high for a panoramic view and walks in the snow, or just enjoy the village and its great museum and restaurants.

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Torla, Spain

This small village boarders France and is one of the less populated villages with no more than 1000 inhabitants. It’s a gateway to the National Park Ordesa y Monte Perdido and lies in the valley of River Ara. The small size makes this village so charming that cant be excluded of the list of most romantic places to visit during winter. Whether you’re an adventurist or a laid back person willing to have a lovely romantic weekend with the love one, this is the place. Explore the national Park or the green hills around, the mild weather is on your side, and lots of comfort food by the fire in the rural area, makes the sleepy mood active.

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Ohrid, Macedonia

No one really looks deep in the Balkan Peninsula when it comes to a winter or any kind of getaway. Ok, Greece is the only reason people know Balkan. But there is a small place in the central Balkan that is called Ohrid, and its situated in the south-west of the small country Macedonia. Ohrid is wide spread on Ohrid Lake, which you probably didn’t know that is the oldest lake in Europe, and I’m talking more than 10 million years old. Here you can still smell the communist era, where once was Ex-Yugoslavia, and the people haven’t change their customs yet. The many years of Turkish occupancy left Macedonia with influences in their cuisine, that no one could resist. Ohrid and Ohrid Lake were accepted as Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, and Ohrid has great architectural sites, and the remains of old houses are very well kept. There is archaeological site in which was found a great mosaic from the earliest centuries, ancient Greek amphitheatre, winding streets and romantic old town where you can find the best Ohrid pearls, and enjoy the Macedonian food. There are 365 churches in Ohrid and the same amount of reasons to go there now.

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