Top 10 Macedonian Dishes you Need to Try at Least Once

Macedonian cuisine is definitely something special, and definitely underrated. Its perfect central climate allows growing of variety of fruit and vegetables, which fulfils these great dishes, you have to try at least once:


Tavche-gravche is probably the most authentic and most recogniseble Macedonian dish made of beans, that are soaked and boiled in water and later placed in a terracota baking dish all together with onions, smoked paprika, sausages or any meat of desire, and parsly as one of the most popular herb here. You can choose between mild and hot by putting hot green or red peppers Macedonia is famous for. The result? Amazing and full of flavours comfort dish everyone would love. Guarantied.

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Turli Tava

Macedonia is well know by the great central climate that supports growing many different kind of vegetables, and its how it happened this dish that amazes everyone by its simplicity. It is basically every single vecetable prefered cut in small squares or any shapes and baked in the oven. You can choose vegetarean option or you can add any desired meat on top. The vegetables that are making this dish unique are okra, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes.

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Another one of the family of stews in the mousaka, a dish influenced by the Turkish and Balkan cuisine. The Macedonian version is done by layering eggplant slices in the baking pot, and adding the mince-meat sauce with tomato layer and covered with egg.

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Pastrmajlija is and oval shaped pizza-like dough topped up wuth meat and eggs. Hot and sour peppers called Feferoni just makes everything more mouthwatering. You can find best pastrmajlija in the smaller Macedonian citys that even have national festival for it, it just says how good it is!

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Roasted pepper spread done by the families in their back yard in the late fall. It’s rarely bought in a store as the homemade ajvar is the best thing ever. Depends on the peppers you can make it mild or hot, and the way of eating it is on top of feta cheese on a slice of bread. There is even a wine festival in Skopje that you can actually buy it like that, ready to go!

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Polneti piperki

Stuffed peppers with mince meat, rice, mushrooms and parsley is a regular home-made dish, which is more than fantastic, it can contain more vegetables of your desire and can be super hot and delicious if added hot peppers insread of mild.

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There is a tradition in Macedonia to make this fried dough after a baby is born. It’s the only thing you serve on the table, with different kind of white cheese, goats or cows, ajvar and similar spreads, for baby’s health and long life, and happiness.

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It’s very similar story as pie, but what makes this phyllo-stuffed pastry so special is cabbage. This pie-like is filled with meat, leak, onions, eggs and feta cheese.

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One of the great comfort food in the Macedonian cuisine is this thick cooked corn flower covered with hot vegetable oil, crispy bacon and lots of hard goats cheese. To die for.

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Selsko Meso

Selsko meso is a village favourite, rich and rustic meals with more then one types of meat cooked in reach wine and mushroom sauce. Well known in the home cooking.

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