7 Reasons why London is the coolest City on Earth

In the last decade London made a unique transformation and from a cold and expensive city it became independent artists favourite inspiration place. People who haven’t yet visited London or UK are very sceptic about the bad weather, the rain and the very much expensive way of life. Here are the reasons why they are all wrong: 

1. There is room for everyone

In London you can meet people from everywhere, Costa Rica, Jamaica, India, Japan, you name it! London its like a massive playground where all the nationalities and religions gather and live together. You will never feel like an outsider,  people care for each other and London feels like home to all.

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2. The worlds most artistic area is here

East London, Shoreditch, with its main ‘Brick Lane’ street is one of the world’s most artistic areas, where the walls are covered with street art, where all the carparks are turned into cool hanging areas, where all the best alternative fashion designers have their shops here. Fashion is in the air, and art is how people live here.

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3. The best bars in the world are here

And hotels as well, you can pop inside Ace Hotel in Shoreditch on a Wednesday and find Dj Premier  scratching on the Decks in the lounge. Or you can just go to Callooh Callay on Old Rivington St. and walk inside a closet to get to the Salvador Dali room where time is melting, and the cocktails are to die for. If you are wine lover, don’t miss getting in the hole of Central London, in Gordons, next to Trafalgar Square, where wine and cheeses are served in an old dungeon under a candle light. Just amazing.

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4. London is vintage shoppers heaven

Fact! There are pop up halls, weekly street markets, big and small and world designers vintage shops. Here you can find leather shops, fur shops, bridal shop, all in the spirit of the past. If you are vintage bride, than Angel is your destination, where you can find the best vintage lace dresses and pearls. If you want to stand out from the crowd, just head to the East.

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5. London’s dodgiest areas are now all warehouse party areas

In London there are many clubs and they are the best, but if you are in London and want the best party experience you skip the clubs and head straight to the most unusual areas of old warehouses-turned-into clubs. No people live there, no cops go there, and theres loud music everywhere. And these warehouses aren’t changed a bit, and that gives the party that underground touch we’ve all been wanting to.

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6. Here are the best street markets in the world

Whatever area you stay in, there is probably at least one weekly street market you need to go to. In Brick Lane, East, you can shop worlds food freshly prepared, like the original Okonomiyaki for £5 or some Iranian or Mexican food. In Notting Hill you go for the antiques, where every Saturday people from the street make a feast of coloured furniture from all around the world, offering food and drinks to keep you satisfied.

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7. There are lots of parks for hangouts

Do you know what Londoners do when the sun comes up? They grab their sunglasses, 6pack of beer and cider and they head straight to the park, where they soak up every single sunlight. London Fields is perfect for hangouts, as there’s an outdoor pool if it gets too hot in the summer and the best pub on the corner to have oysters at. Victoria Park is the home of the best summer music festivals.

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