Karangasem Bali, Nature more then Party

On the road to Karangasem

 It was time for a new adventure. As always we didn’t fall for the famous Kuta or Sanur, well known for their busy nightlife. Karangasem is a wide spread area in East Bali well known not only for the Water palaces, but also for the largest volcano in Bali. So what we did the night before was to check out the Guest House prices around to find out what to expect. It’s how we choose to visit Tirtagangga, a small village close to both Gunung Agung (the volcano) and the beaches of Amed. We had our usual diner at Taman, small Chinese warung (which stands for a small restaurant), cap cay, which is vegetables with chicken, a light dish and kolorak, stir fried sweet and sour chicken and vegetables.

It was raining the whole day and night. On Valentine’s Day.

Early in the morning, the weird maid or whatever she was, brought us breakfast: coffee, tea, eggs, fruits and salads, basically my whole three meals of the day at once. Amazing, never had this much food before in the morning, we normally overdose ourselves with coffee and cigarettes.

We left one of our backpack at Aji’s house, filled one up with enough clothes and supplies for five days, rented a motorbike and with no map or any clue for directions, we went into adventure. The weather was so and so at the moment, but we were ready, steady and wild.

Karangasem Bali Karangasem Bali Karangasem Bali


If you’re familiar with riding a bike, don’t waste your money and time in the many tourist agencies or explaining yourself with the taxi drivers, they’re all looking at you as dollar bills, no mater what you wear or look like, as long as you’re a foreigner. You will need the motorbike any time you ran out of cigarettes or feel hungry, and it’s great for your pocket too. One-way bus trip to any other place in Bali costs approximately 60.000 rupiah per person, and a motorbike for 5 days costs round 150.000. Not bad, ha?


The first city we passed was Klungkung. There is a beach near by, but don’t get too excited, cause it is a black sand beach filled with dirt, enormous waves and just few fisherman around, who probably cant speak English, so do not expect a chat. Just forget about it and once you’re in the city stop by the big monument at the beginning; there’s a shop across the street with a decent toilet for your refreshment, and a skate shop next to it. Worth visiting as the owner, Gusti has his own brand of clothes called W.I.C.H. and its great.

You never know what to expect weather wise; after all they call it a middle of a low season for a reason. So when it started raining so much at once it felt like a water hands are slapping us.

Long live the warungs! We stopped in the smallest warung so far, with only one dining table where everyone sits, even the owners. Had couple of the Balinese coffee while we were waiting no longer than an hour to stop raining and finally got on the road to Karangasem.


Scroll down for great photos!

Karangasem Bali Centre of Klungkung KlungKung Beach Nice and greenKarangasem Bali, Nature more then Party


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