How to Stay Young and Beautiful, Natural Remedies from the World

How to stay young and beautiful is a question that all the ladies around the world ask themselves.

Beauty products not alway could be bought in the shops, woman across the world used to do their treatments by using the products that has been used in the everyday life. Some of this beauty tricks are still used by many ladies…

Morocco beauty secret: How to get healthy and shiny hair?

Ladies in Morocco knows how to handle their hair by using argan oil, it is so popular that’s often called “Moroccan Oil”. The use it as a leave-in conditioner, and it makes their hair shiny and beautiful, also easy to handle. There are many ways of using the pure argan oil, for example the moroccan woman use it as a skin softener, by adding a few drops in their moisturiser or just scrubbing a few drops on the face and neck in the morning and in the night. The oil makes the skin elastic, soft and healthy, protected from the weather. Try adding a few drops in your bath, or just apply in on your body now and then as a body conditioner.

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Greece beauty secret: How to heal your skin and hair from sunburn? 

Greece most popular product finds its way not only on the kitchen shelves; the great quality olive oil is often used by the Greek woman to protect their skin and hair from the sun. Olive oil is well known as a healer of sunburns, with its great hydrating elements can relieve redness and irritation on face and body, leaving the skin healthy and soft. Best way of using it while on holiday is to massage your body with the oil once in few days. Once in a while you can apply it on your hair, mixed with one egg yolk as mask for reviving the broken and damaged hair from the sun.

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Dominican Republic beauty secret: How to make your nails strong and healthy? 

Dominican Republic woman has it’s way on the nail problem. Their famous trick is to chop up some garlic and add it to your regular basic clear nail polish. Leaving it for ten days on the sun is for the garlic to apply his magic on the nail polish and to make it healthy for the purpose. Apply in after 10 days and keep doing it regularly, it might smell awful in the time of applying, but no worries, once it dries you wont smell a thing. And your nails would look fabulous.

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China beauty secret: How to stay young?

Chinese people are famous for drinking tea, especially green tea. But the magic trick of having soft and young skin is not by drinking the green tea, but to applying it on your skin as a mask. The many good things that the green tea has will make your skin balanced and soft. Brew white tea and mix it with green tea powder and make a paste. Apply it on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with hot water and apply your regular face cream.

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Macedonian beauty secret: How to look rested all the time?

The beautiful Macedonian woman found their cure against tiredness by using a camomile tea. Use the regular camomile tea bags to make the tea, and then once they are cold enough place them on your eyes, and keep them for at least 10 minutes. Camomile tea is well known as one of the best tea for balancing your spirit, and once applied on the skin it makes all the blue under your eyes gone.

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Finland beauty secret: How to keep your skin detoxed and fresh?

The people in Finland are using the saunas to detoxicate their skin from the bad food, cigarettes and alcohol they consumed. The sauna is great for rejuvenation of the pores, and is great for deep cleaning the skin. Your skin will always look many years younger.

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Thailand beauty secret: How to keep your hair and skin healthy and elastic?

Thai ladies use the magic power of the most popular product they produce, the Coconut Oil. The organic pure raw coconut oil can be a natural leave-in hair conditioner, and your hair wont be as oily as you think, but it will be shiny, and the most important, it will grow faster and be protected from the sun at the same time. You can rub it on your body after a long day on the hot sun to nourish and heal it from the sunburns. Coconut oil is very healthy food as well, put one teaspoon of your oil in your regular everyday smoothie for extra health from the inside.

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