Top 10 Healthiest Countries Around the Globe

What does it take for one country to get on the list of the most healthiest?

The level of obesity, the geographic position that allows a great amount of fresh organic food through the year, the customs and the attitude towards food, the diets people practice to stay healthy and live longer. It’s not all about the oil people use in their making of food, the amount of bread they consume or the fried food on every dinner; people can live healthy and enjoy their food as long as they have a good relation with it.

Check out these countries with the lowest level of obesity and the most delicious and healthy food they practice on eating:

1. Japan

Japanese people are well known for their long lives and their special attitude towards food. Their customs and ways of treating their food are still applied here; like drinking hot water before and after the meal, and leave the table while still little hungry. Their food is full of Omega-3 and protein, which gives them a healthy heart, plus they consume one of the healthiest carbohydrate, rice.

Life expectancy: 82 years

Japan Foodvia

2. Singapore

Singaporeans eat lots of rice, but very well mixed with vegetables and meat. And for the sweets, they use their palette of tropical fruits to make the most delicious healthy deserts ever, with no sugar added.

Life expectancy: 82 years

Singaporian Foodvia

3. China

We all had that moments of hangover mornings when all you think about is soaking all alcohol out with the greasy all you can eat Chinese buffet in China Town. But don’t let them fool you, Chinese people in China have their diet based on vegetables, fruits and whole grains that speed up metabolism, and when frying, they do it for only a second, so it keeps all the vitamins and minerals safe.

Life expectancy: 75 years

Chinese Foodvia

4. Sweden

Did you know that Sweden is the first western nation to reject low-fat dogma in favour of low-carb high-fat nutrition? They believe that butter, olive oil, bacon and all the other fats are not such a harmful foods while trying to loose weight. They believe in balancing the food and stay healthy with maintaining active life. Their basic diets are dairy products, brown bread, fish, like salmon and herring. Safe for the heart!

Life expectancy: 81 years

Swedish Foodvia

5. France

As weird as it sound, French people are famous for their “petite” silhouette, and the very fatty cheeses too. They never hesitate on eating calorie-rich food, and the low-fat propaganda is not present in any time. They love their bread, meet and wine, but the mystery of staying thin above it all is the portion size, that I’m sure USA will never approve. They eat enough so they do not excess the calorie intake, and the wine they drink just helps them by being the antioxidant that the body needs.

Life expectancy: 80 years

French Foodvia

6. Italy

Italy! Italy! I’m thinking of pasta, pizza, lasagna, roasted meat, basil, olives and loads of mozzarella! The main Italian sector is in the serving. For example, they use lots of vegetables in the pasta, but it is served as a starter, in small dosage, and the fact that is covered in the healthy olive oil and the pasta is always made of durum wheat, makes everything super healthy for the heart.

Life expectancy: 80 years

Italian foodvia

7. Spain

The Spanish people practice Mediterranean diet, which recommends consuming fresh products delivered in the nature, like lots of vegetables and fruits, rice and dairy products, dried fruit and nuts, and all of them organic and full with aromas. Their diet is based on the traditional Spanish dishes, and it works really well.

Life expectancy: 80 years

Spanish Foodvia

8. South Korea

Tofu, noodles, fish and vegetables prepared in many ways puts this country on this list. They don’t prefer eating meat, although some of the locals do consume grilled beef, probably the only unhealthy dish you can find here.

Life expectancy: 79 years

South Koreavia

9. Israel

And do you know why? Because they eat salad for breakfast, and its similar like Greek salad, except for the cheese, they prefer the healthier option. one of the common dishes you can find on the street is the hummus. Delicious ground chickpea with garlic and oil perfect for snacking, and for the sweets, try the sesame and honey dessert called halva. It is to die for!

Life expectancy: 81 years

Israeli Foodvia

10. Greece

Everything tastes amazing when enjoying the sun, and it’s hard not to overdose yourself with the amazing seafood, bread, fruits and vegetables. The good thing about Greek food, that is rarely unhealthy, so the people consume loads of the daily vitamins and mineral only by practising the simple diet.

Life expectancy: 80 years

Greek Foodvia



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