Happy New Year Koh Phangan

When you arrive in Koh Phangan you may have some mixed feelings about this island, but of course it depends what you are after…We spotted lots of tourists ready to party wearing the same t-shirts, most of them going in the same direction. Turns out the friend of ours was working in the same area, called Haad Rin. So not really optimistic about what to expect there, we got in one of the taxis there, which are btw pick-up trucks that can fit more than 8 people. When the driver managed to pick up the right amount of people going to Haad Rin, we started moving. We paid a 100 baht each, because it was during the day, the night rate was 200 baht per person. It’s a good money saver to rent a motorbike straight away from the port, its much cheaper, but we’ll talk about it later on.

New Year Koh Phangan

31.12.13 New Years Day a Dog is Chillin

Enjoying one of the Thai Beers Chang(Elephant)

After a 20 minutes ride up and down the hills, we got to the party lovers heaven. I mean, people were selling buckets ready to go filled with some alcoholic cocktails, souvenir shops were selling the same “I Love Haad Rin” or “Full Moon Party” t-shirts in amazingly bright colors, everybody was painting themselves with a body paint and were screaming like crazy. Alright, we are young and stuff, but we came to Thailand, so where are the amazing beaches, beautiful nature, monkeys? We kind of wished to go back home for a second. I called my friend, she was at work already, getting ready for the big night, so we visited her at her workplace. It was a reggae bar called “Boom’s reggae bar”, right next to the beach that held the Full Moon Party. She arranged us an accommodation, which was way more expensive than we expected. We paid 2500 baht per night for the room with a bathroom, clean and neat place, but still as we learned, the other tourists paid much more for their rooms, even though they pre booked them quite awhile ago.

granny sells alc in Haad Rin

First time on The Beach in Haad Rin Happy NY

Booms Raggae Bar Marija

Sleepy, tired, dirty and weird to be in such an exotic place during winter, we decided to rest a bit before the celebration. After a few hours of sleep and a portion of Pad Thai we went out to check out the party, with a first stop to “Boom’s reggae bar”. The streets were full of drunk teenagers, some of them already done partying, vomiting all over the place, completely lost. The beach was set that way so it had more than three stages with different kind of music going on,  you have to be close to the speakers so you don’t listen to some weird mixed up music from two stages. Disaster. We paid 1500 baht for a bottle of Jack Daniels that we didn’t even finish. It was that bad. Went home thinking of how to escape this place as soon as possible.

What we learned:
Research, then travel.

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