Top 10 Greek Dishes to Try in 2015

Greek Dishes are far more different from the rest.Forget about the stereotypes of food in every country. Greece for example has so much more to offer than a simple Greek salad, youll be surprised! Make sure you try theese delicious meals on your next trip to Greece!


There is a hidden mystery in this spinach pie that makes it so delicious, and that lies in the three kinds of onion the Greeks put in the making, red and spring onion and leek. The high quality olive oil and feta cheese Greek offers makes it impossible to copy the recipe outside Greece. Entering a bakery in Greece is always difficult as you can never choose what you prefer eating, so you always end up picking up more than few peaces.

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Spinach and feta stuffed chicken

Whats better than a pastry filled with the best ingredients in Greece, spinach and feta? Chicken breasts! Soft, tender and full of flavour chicken filled with lots of onion, feta and spinach, served with rice, probably by the sea, accompanied by great Greek live music and wine. Priceless.

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Greek Pizza

This not your regular slice of pizza is often made with ground beef, both mozzarella and  feta, spinach and onions. Imagine, layer of spinach on the most delicious pizza base, covered with ground beef, lots of cheeses and onions. Melter!

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Dakos is probably your favourite dish you haven’t tried it yet. The Cretan bread bun is dry and crisp and its hiding in the bottom of the plate, soaking all the flavours from what happends to be the best spinach, feta and tomato salad with loads of olive oil.

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If you think you dont eat beans, give it another chance with one of the best bean soup ever. You’ll find the big beans in spicey tomato soup with lots of olive oil satisfying enough to love beans again! If you prefer it as a main dish, just add few roasted peppers and greek bread.

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Yemista is one of the most popular Greek vegetarean dishes, where you stuff vegetables like tomatoes, aubergines and peppers with a mixture of rice, vegetables and mushrooms, topped up with cheese.

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For the meat addict, Greeks cuisine offers many great meat dishes, and the meat kofte deep fried with many spices like mint is one of them. They come in red spicey tomato sauce and pita bread.

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This dish comes from the kefalonean Island, Krete and its pie stuffed with ground meat of any kind with seasons vegetables and tomato sauce, all wrapped together with rice.

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Grilled or antipasti octopus

There are two ways of eating this meze dish, if you prefer your octopus grilled, make sure its fresh, otherwise it comes out bit chewy. Something that will never occur if you order it in one of the many Greek Tavernas around Greece. The antipasti version is great seasoned, bit pickled and great as a meze with Ouzo.

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They are so similar to doughnuts, but definitey cutest and more delicious! Loukoumades are fried balls of doughnut dough dipped in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. Yummy mummy!

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