Gili Air, The quiet one of the Magnificent Gili’s

I suppose you all know the famous west coast of Bali, where all the cool kids go to party and get drunk, like Kuta or Sanur. There are white sand beaches, with beach bars from beginning till the end and non stop music going on. A true paradise for the party people. But not for us, as we were fed up from all the partying in London so after a couple of weeks stay in Ubud and a week in Karangasem, we wanted to discover the beauty of Indonesia as much as possible in our 30day stay. It was a struggle to come here, with our visa problems and our unexpected stay in Singapore where we lost so much money, and we were really glad to finally be here. There was a tourist agency near our house in Ubud, with lots of offers for trips around the island. There was one offer, a two-way trip to Gili Islands. Never heard of them before, so we checked them online and saw the most beautiful three islands near Lombok, an island next door to Bali. Of course the offer was too expensive, so we found out that the boats move from Padang Bay, which was on the south of the island, one hour away from Ubud. So after we returned from Karangasem we took our stuff, slept one night and got a bus to Padang Bay, from where we got a boat to the Gillies.

You can see the three Gilies, Gili Travangan or Gili T, Gili Meno and Gili Air, so tiny and cute they look like somebody draw them in a scrapbook and place them there. Gili T is the loudest one of all, craziest of all and most visited from all. Remind ourselves from the Full Moon Party and held on to the next stop. Gili Meno is something in between, not too much party going on, but the people visiting Gili T come here for an after party. Next stop please! Gili Air is the place to be. If i have to describe the sky and the clouds that i saw there and their shape, you’ll think I’m hallucinating. When we were coming closer to the island i was able to see under the sea, as the water was just a mirror reflexing the sun from above, giving a light to the giant turtles that float freely. I instantly felt relaxed, slowed down a little and understand the secret of this place as soon as i put mu foot down, it was the peace and spiritualism that moved me.

gili air gili air gili air gili air gili air

If you come here and tell your self you’re too lazy, don’t trust your guts. You’re just completely relaxed. There are no motor vehicles here, once in a while a carriage with horses will pass by if you can’t be bothered walking, but the truth is, you can walk around the whole island in an hour, hour and a half. The main thing to do here is to relax on the many beach bars an open bungalow style seats. You can drink any of the delicious fruits freshly blended with ice or just enjoy the freshest piece of tuna steak on the grill. Days pass slowly, people move slowly and the people here are friendly and nice. We were eating tuna steaks for lunch and dinner, drinking beer on the beach, waiting for the best sunset to begin to take millions of pictures and cant get enough of it. Life just felt so beautiful at Gili Air, i felt like i was reborn.

gili air gili air gili air gili air

Gili air
Gili Air, The quiet one of the Magnificent Gili’s

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