Floating Village, The Perfect day to Be Satisfied

Floating Village

It happened the next day after exploring the small town and getting drunk with a 2-dollar whiskey we found in the market (the prices of alcohol is almost the same everywhere, so the best solution is to drink something local, or homemade), and our head was still spinning in noon time, so it meant that we missed the day for Angkor Wat. The tuk-tuk driver, who literally robbed us for the first 3 days of stay, suggested that he could take us to see the floating village.

 No one felt like having breakfast, so we stopped on the market to grab some fruits, when an old lady was cutting Jackfruit, something that was completely unknown for us before. And guess what, it is the best fruit ever! We ended up eating it every day; just make sure is fresh when you buy it, it can get really smelly in couple of days…

 Ok, so one thing you need to know about Siem Reap when travelling. After the sun goes down its time to put your shoes and hoodie on, especially if you are taking a tuk-tuk ride. It can be freezing, we needed a few takes to even consider it as true, but yes, you really do. We had one thing we always used to say after making a mistake, and it sounded something like “ah, well, we’re still virgin travelers, there’s a lot yet to learn”,

 The tuk-tuk ride took us to the river, where a young fella helped us getting in his boat, and then we slowly moved towards. It was just us in the boat and the fella who was in charge of us was having a great day in the Floating Village, so he let us drive the boat for a while. It’s funny how a smile or a nice gesture can open the people’s hearts and they let you through in. I admit it was a fascinating picture to see how poverty of the people made up to be a tourist attraction, but seeing this really change peoples mind about life and material things. You can see a lot of people taking close shots of the orphans faces, it is a terrible site to look at, they don’t show any respect for the children as human beings. After the ride we stop by for a beer in a floating “restaurant”, from where we were taken by a mother and her little girl for a kayak ride to the forest. After that, our guy took us to the Great Lake of Tonlé Sap Lake to enjoy the sunset.

Amazing day. Just amazing!

What we learned:
Be Happy with what you Have.


Scroll down for amazing photos!

Floating Village

The Children that live here

The Community Building

Two little angels faving to us

Two kids having fun most of the time

There are Pigs on the Menu as well

Little children happy with what they've got

The Head of the Family

We Had to Take a photo of her so we remember this little girl

Untuched natural Lake

Floating Village

What we learned:
Be Happy with what you Have.


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