Top 10 Exotic Places Perfect for Retiring

Living in a big city is fast, exhausting and can fasten our ageing. The every day stress in the materialistic world hides all the true values of being truly happy, and people without noticing are trapped in the world full of obligations and schedules. But what happens when you get old and stop working? All you need to do then is leave in a peaceful place and rest for the last chapter of your life. Many of you are ready to do it, and we decided to make a search and give the best options for exotic places perfect for retiring:

Algarve, Portugal

There are more than 3000 sunny days in this beautiful coastal region to start with. Here lies the history of Portugal, the old customs and looks of the houses and squares, the night markets and wine shops, you can enjoy the rest of your days here with no more than 1500$ a month.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Such a great place, the food and the climate will make you truly happy. The city residents both Muslim and Christian empires.

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Medellin, Colombia 

Medellin is all about the parks and the walks. Despise its past, the city now shines of tidiness and its great for retiring.

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Panama City Beaches, Panama

Everything that is west from Panama City is a retirement paradise!

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George Town, Malaysia 

There is a history here that will never loose its charm!

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Mix the exotic, good food and great climate, friendly people and cozy living, you got Equador.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are many people retired here already, and the convenience of the cheap life and all full of flavours makes everything perfect.

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The greatest thing about Malta is that you don’t have to learn a new language, people here speak English.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica has great health care, and low cost of living.

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Uruguay is great, just like Costa Rica the health care is inexpensive and the cost of living is very low.

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