Eat Pray Love in Ubud, Bali

There is rarely a day in Bali without a ceremony of some kind, and you can’t miss attending at least one while you’re visiting. There are ceremonies of the life cycle like pregnancy, birth, weddings, cremation, as well as large temple ceremonies that can last up to 11 days, like the one celebrating Buddha’s birthday. That’s called Waisak, and it’s celebrated in the few Buddhist ashrams in the island. The main celebration is at Borobudur Buddhist temple outside of Yogyakarta, where thousands of Buddhist pilgrims are paying respect.

 We took a cab from the airport straight to Ubud, where we had a reservation in a guesthouse, where we realised that the rooms are twice more expensive from what we saw on the Internet. So we canceled that straight away. Luckily for us, we were located on a street with loads of guesthouses so we started look for another one. They all look like small temples, there is a beautiful sanctuary in every one of them, with few bungalows inside and a bigger one for the owners, there are birds, statues and amazing flora, that gives that peaceful feeling of being connected with the spiritual.

Every owner is welcoming you to their house, you can see the women cooking on the outside table and the smell of great Balinese coffee and fruits on the table are great blast. You can see the guests chatting with them and they all try to tell some of the great stories of Ubud. The arts, the crafts and the food are something they offer to teach you, you can sign in to all the different classes and learn a thing of the Bali art, cookery and wood carve.

We got an accommodation for one night in a bit old and ruined bungalow as we were too tired to go on with the search, so we ignored the lizards moving slowly on the walls and fall a sleep in a second.

The next day we got the nicest bungalow with a terrace facing a small river and amazing flora, an outside bathroom and a maid who serves you not only the most delicious breakfast of omelet’s with vegetable and fruit salad’s, but coffee and tea in every part of the day.

The owner, Aji, was a wonderful storyteller, and a great artist. He started his own business by suggestion of an exchange student that came to live with him once his daughter went to study in the United States.

 The Ubud experience was just about to begin.

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eat pray loveeat pray loveeat pray loveeat pray love

eat pray loveeat pray loveeat pray love

Eat Pray Love in Ubud, Bali

Read Next>>Ubud, a day with the Royal Family

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