Drinks You Will Definitely Miss After Leaving Southeast Asia

Once you step out of your comfort zone and start traveling, the daily rituals of your life are changed forever, and some of them you wouldn’t want to discard.

The hot and humid weather requires a high dose of refreshment drinks you can find anywhere around you at all time, and the nights are reserved for the mysterious taste of Asia. Here are some of what you cant miss while traveling:

Sugar cane juice, exactly as it sound, you can spot the Vietnamese people taking the juice out of the sugar cane in front of your eyes.

Drinksvia http://www.southeastasiabackpacker.com

Fresh coconut juice, as you’ve never tried before. Take a massage on the beach while having it. This will refresh you and hydrate you better than water.

Fresh Coconutvia http://chronicsorethroats.blogspot.com


The bucket. The famous bucket you will see everyone drinks on the Full Moon festival in Koh Phangan in Thailand. It’s some kind of cocktail the masters of alcohol prepared for you while you were unpacking your stuff.



 Vietnamese Filter coffee, because everyone deserves to try the best one.

vietnamese coffeevia http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com


Balinese coffee, served with a smile in a pint glass after a heavy night of drinking. Priceless. This picture is taken in the wonderful small hidden village near Gunnung Agung, called Ababi, in Bali, Indonesia. 



Cobra and scorpion whiskey. No description!

Drinksvia http://risarenay.com


Fruit shake for the healthy ones. Notting but the freshest fruit in a bender mixed with ice.



Arak is our favourite.  It can be found sold in the houses of the families in Titragangga, Amed and the rest of east and north Bali. Smells awful, but it taste great if you can copy the locals and pour some of the local honey and bit of lime juice. Step away mojito!



Rice Wine, Balinese drink only the Balinese people can drink. Not really the best taste. 

Drinksvia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rice_wine

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