Top Travel Destinations Based on your Zodiac Sign

Is it difficult for you to decide where to travel? Your horoscope may know the answer!


Aries is a born leader and innovator. They do not enjoy the ordinary beach holiday destination and they in love with the adventure. They love the unknown and enjoy spending time climbing on a rock or hiking in the mountains. The perfect destination for Aries is Macedonia, Madagascar, Cambodia and Switzerland.

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Taurus loves the comfort, and does not like to spend any energy on the outdoor activities. Taurus enjoys spending time with friends, surrounded by good food and drinks, so any place that offers a comfort and a good food is done deal. The astrologists suggest a nice all inclusive hotel in any Europe’s capital city.

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Gemini are so curious and adventurous, and they love when places keeps them busy exploring. The only thing about Gemini that can make them leave a place is if they get bored, and they do, really often. The only solution for them is to grab a backpack and start their trip across Southeast Asia.

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Cancer loves water, the beach is their sanctuary. They love to read books on the beach, then explore the surroundings but never leave the water. When they are not doing that, you can find them enjoying their garden and just meditating. Best places for them are the Indonesian Islands or the Philippines.

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When Leo is on holiday, they are unstoppable. They never try to spend and always enjoy the most, taking the best of the trip. They never miss a day at the museum, followed by exclusive dinner at a fancy restaurant, and finish the day in the club. They love history, old architecture and they would have the best time in some of Europe’s capitals, like Paris or London.

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People born on this zodiac are planners. They are all informed in advance when travel, and like to know everything about the places they visit, for example how to get around the city, where is the best food, hotel or a museum. They often love to take the best of the trip by learning a new skill or just go wine tasting, and the best place for them to visit is India, Mexico and Bulgaria.

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Libra loves her freedom, traveling it’s a way of life. She never goes on a ordinary holiday, you can find her bungee jumping in South America or skiing on the Alps. She always spends her nights with a touch of romance, enjoying a nice glass of wine, and never planing her next step. She loves being surrounded by people that love her, and she can feel safe. The best place for a Libra is traveling through Central America or Southeast Asia.

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People born on this zodiac are loving the history, and all the places containing it. If the place has a beach, is the perfect holiday for Scorpio. It is essential that Scorpio is surrounded by a fine selected company, where they all can explore a great destinations like Portugal, Argentina or Egypt.

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Summer and winter sports is on the mind of the Sagittarius when planing a holiday. They never spend a minute on the sun without playing ball or snorkel or even diving. They love gatherings, like music festivals by the sea on which they can meet new friends, like Cyprus, Greece and Ireland.

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They love to learn the stories of the old kingdoms, they are following the path of the history on their travel. The Pyramids are their favourite destinations, they can’t get enough of a great myth. Any place where they can learn something about the royalties, religion or just to buy a nice antique piece is great for Capricorn. Ideal place to visit is Sicilia.

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They are in love with science, history and most of the time you can find them in the local library, and they seek the originality in things.  They are impressed by a good architecture of buildings such as universities, and they never come home without a good book to read next. Ideal destinations for a holiday is Belgium, Sardinia and Morocco.

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Pisces live in their own imaginary world, and they can feel like home anywhere in the world if they decide so. Water calms them down, and they love meeting new people on a very touristic places where someone else will do the first step. They love spiritual places like temples, and small villages, and the best choice for them would be Stonehenge, Borobudur or Taj Mahal.

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