Best Beers in Southeast Asia

 A backpacker has not fulfilled his trip if he hasn’t tried all the best beers Southeast Asia offers. Animals, like in Thailand, name most of them and few of them are among the most popular in London. Nothing is more appreciate like downing a cold beer after a day of diving in the underwater of Koh Tao or trekking in the rice fields in Bali. Make sure you don’t miss one of these while traveling.

Angkor Beer – best of Cambodia (5.5%)

The first time we tried Angkor beer was when we arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for our first time. We stayed in this great hostel called “11 Happy Backpackers” that had great roof bar and terrace, great for socialising. Tastes great!


Beerlao – or “Asia’s finest” (5%)


Bia Huda – the official drink in Huda, Vietnam (4.7%)


Bia Saigon – you can enjoy it only in Ho Chi Min (4.3%)


Bir Bintang – part of the Heineken family, can be found in Indonesia (4.7%)

Goes great with chicken satay skewers, we enjoyed it while travelling through Bali and the Gili’s!


Chang beer – or Elephant beer, one of the Thailand’s cheapest, and strongest beer (6.4%)

 Probably the strongest one in Southeast Asia, and the one that comes in a bottle of 600 ml. So strong you cant have more than two! So good, served cold by the beach does do the work of cooling down the heat!

chang beer

San Miguel Pale Pilsen – produced in Manila since 1980 (5%)

Love this while partying in Boracay by the beach or in a club. Tastes amazing, great with food!


Tiger beer – the Singaporean superstar that can be found in every bar in London (4.7%)

Oh, i remember this one since London, and it’s probably one of my favourite! Singaporeans sure know their thing!


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