Evgenios Saridis 13.06.1989

Born in Macedonia in the Capital city Skopje. The name is Greek as I’m half Greek by my father side. Growing up in Skopje was fun and full of surprises every day was another experience ether bad or good. Love music and trying to select the best Beats all the time. I’m a DJ from time to time in my room or some Local Club in Skopje. From an early age my parents would take me and my Sister to a road trip with a car which I really hated, but as I was becoming more mature I realized that all the time passed in the car seeing new places and faces was another school for me, in a way. As time passed by I finished my studies (Political Sciences) in Macedonia and realised that I need something more then a 9-5 job everyday the same shit going on…

I started to go in Greece for the summer and worked some bar jobs, hotel jobs, DJing…I know Marija for a long period of time, 15 years or so. She is nice and the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, with a small amount of issues. She lived in London for a while and I decided to join her there and experience something new. So I went in London with a plan to stay there not more then 3 months, it turned out that I stayed for 2 years, but of course I visited my Parents from time to time. London is an amazing place with a lot of positive people ready to party all day every day. Its underground life is something I admire here; people are liberated, independent and full of new ideas…

While working in London we made some more money then expected so we decided to go on a trip that i have ever dreamed of, Southeast Asia.  All of the inspiration about this web site came from there, the desire to pass the experience to the people and express my Love for the untouched nature in this world full of villains and creeps. I always choose some place where you can enjoy the crystal clear water and the pure natural sand, where people don’t really mind the material things. This is exactly what i found in  Bali. I truly hope that one day i could manage to have my own place with a bar and just a small amount of wooden bungalows so i enjoy all of the beauty with the traveling people.

Now lets stop dreaming and get to work!

Evgenios Saridis

Marija Velichkova 26.09.1987

I love to socialize, but am a bit of a shy person, and in continuous search of an everyday balance; as any other Libra, I am doing a constant effort to keep everyone happy. Intrigued by that enigma I dug deeply into my self to find true happiness, and in search of that interest I found love. Together with Evgeni we overcome the daily incomprehension by founding out what’s our true passion. Over the years we reached the same conclusion through different paths: it was not possible to love or live in any other way than this, and it’s how we discovered our thirst for the world.

I used to live with my grandparents, teachers, history, geography and biology, till I was 15., and i remember those years as most influent in my life. I came to live with my mom in the beginning of high school and we moved to another apartment in couple of years. I finally left home when I was 22. I was living and working in London and spent the summers behind a bar in Mykonos, Greece. I never felt nostalgic about home, although I was the happiest when I was with my family in Skopje. Growing up in a small and unnoticed country like Macedonia encouraged me to try breaking the society boarders and to endure the pressure of living in tight-closed doors.

I am 27 now, and I constantly move countries. Sometimes I like to write my thoughts. I keep a diary and most of the time i write about love and logistics, and how those two will never find their path together. Sense means nothing to me, I do wear boots in the summer and summer dresses in the winter. I find love in many things, places and objects I discover on my travel.

I have a Holga camera, which I adore, and constantly take pictures with hope that one day I can make an art show. The most interesting thing for me to take picture of is sunsets as well as old historic buildings. Love the suburbs and hopefully one day I will retire among great nature.