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About Koh Phangan we can say a lot of things first of all, it was one of the most favourite places of the king Chulalongkorn (Rama V, 1868-1910), which makes it not just an island of nowhere. He spent there more then 7 days with his entourage, and came here 14 times between 1888 and 1909.

The Bronze Drum of Dongson Culture (500 BC – 100BC) found in Koh Samui is evidence that there were settlements of people from more than two thousand years ago on the islands.

The name  comes from the word “Ngan”, the southern dialect meaning “sand bar”, by the ones that protect the island from the strong monsoons. It has a typical tropical climate, which makes the island beach lover’s dream come true, as it is filled with numerous of good beaches, containing clean white sand, and even clearer turquoise water perfect for any water activities.

The many mountains in the island are the reason of few rivers that run across the island, many of them making beautiful waterfalls great for chilling out when the temperatures rise.

The first bungalow in Koh Phangan was built 20 years ago, and it changed the island perspective completely. The people living there started the tourism business, and the quality of life upraised.

The population of the island is approximately estimated to 14,000 people, and most of them are descendants of the first Chinese settlers who migrated here from Hainan. The people here believe in the nature spirits, and the religion is called Theravada Buddhism mixed with animism, although there is a small percentage of Muslim community.

The look, the local dialect and the attitude of the people are unique here, and people are reputed for their generous spirit. They are very direct and have strong personality that sometimes can be misunderstood by the others. Anyway, they are very tolerant of others; their way of living can be defined as patient and kind.

There are more than 20 temples in Koh Phangan that are center of the Thai community, but they also welcome well-behaved visitors. There are Chinese and Buddhist temples.

The celebration of the full and new moon enlarged to be one of the most famous parties on the island, which dates ever since 1987 or 1988, and it became the global attraction for thousands of visitors every year. There are over 10 sound systems on the beach of Haad Rin where you can enjoy any type of music that is being played.

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